North Devon Athletics Track, Braunton

North Devon Athletic Club has its home at the Braunton Athletics Track, Braunton, North Devon, England.

The club has helped to produce many outstanding athletes, some of who have gained National and International honours at senior and junior levels of competition.

Anyone can join the club. Qualified coaches are available to assist and advise.

Regular meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer. Tuesdays at the track and Fridays at Pilton School, Sports Hall in the winter. Meetings are held no matter what the weather unless there is actually ice on the track.

Active Kids Vouchers

Active Kids Vouchers

The club is now collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers. There is a box to deposit them in the clubhouse.

Club Objectives

NDAC are committed to providing the best possible support to their athletes and furthering athletics in the South West.

We would like to remind parents that all our coaches started as volunteer helpers. We have a waiting list and to allow the club to expand we need more parents to volunteer.

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